Ordinary Discourse Podcast

Ordinary Discourse  is conversations with millennial guests attempting to navigate through their careers and life. Host Caroline Ross is a photographer, college instructor and former graphic designer and has diverse guests sharing their life and discussing current affairs

Guest Renee Grenon discusses thirty years of schooling,

After spending nearly 30 years as a scholar and an upcoming PHD graduation, guest Renee Grenon dreams of becoming an

Commercial Videography with Danie Easton

Danie Easton from Eastowest Media Productions shares how their lifelong passion for videography has turned into a full time career.

Private Vegan Chef KD Tighe

Guest KD Tighe is a private vegan chef sharing their experiences cooking on a mega yacht, “swarming” pig farms as

Tiktok for beginners

Tiktok for beginners, aimed towards businesses and podcast owners with special guest Renee Grenon from https://www.tiktok.com/@the.mom.room

Navigating hurricanes, Covid 19 and racism on a

Navigating hurricanes, Covid 19 and racism on a small Caribbean island with Riselle Celestina St. Maarten vlogger, travel writer and

Sharing Lived Experienced with OCD from guest Melanie

Sharing Lived Experienced with OCD from guest Melanie Lefebvre Caroline Ross and longtime friend Melanie Lefebvre talk mental health. Melanie

Landscape Architecture with Kristin Defer

Behind the scenes with Vancouver Landscape Architect Kristine Defer.

Behind the Mic

Caroline Ross
Born in Northern Ontario, Caroline moved to Vancouver, BC after living for a few years  on the Caribbean Island of St Maarten. Caroline is podcast host, photographer, college professor and former Creative Director and Graphic Designer.