Season 2: Episode 4,

Season 2 Episode 3

Season 2 Ep 2

Episode 4 – Halloween

Caroline & Shruti chat about their Halloween experiences . A spooky story, some fun throwbacks and recommendations of Halloween themed

Episode Three

Episode Three – Oct 7 Media Literacy with director/producer Lindsay Jackson Lindsay Jackson is a writer/producer who has been working

Episode Two

Episode 2 – Sept 22 2019 Vancouver foodie and former food critic Lorna Yee shares her favourite local restaurants and

Episode One

Episode One Shruti and Caroline discuss how they met and what brought them to Vancouver. Highlights include a friendship blood


Caroline Ross
Born in Northern Ontario, Caroline now lives in Vancouver, BC after a brief few years living on the Caribbean Island of St Maarten.  Caroline is podcast host, photographer, college professor and former Creative Director and Graphic Designer.