Season 2: Episode 4, Tiktok for beginners

Tiktok for beginners, aimed towards businesses and podcast owners with special guest Renee Grenon from

Season 2 Episode 3 – Private Vegan Chef KD Tighe

Guest KD Tighe is a private vegan chef sharing their experiences cooking on a mega yacht, “swarming” pig farms as a vegan activist and their gender journey and relationships. Instagram:

Season 2 Ep 2 -Commercial Videography with Danie Easton

Danie Easton from Eastowest Media Productions shares how their lifelong passion for videography has turned into a full time career. Some pro tips include how to get clients and how passion projects turn into client work. Website: Youtube: Personal Instagram: Inspiration Accounts Suggested by Danie:

Season 2 – Episode 1: Guest Renee Grenon discusses thirty years of schooling, Tiktok and a love for Epidurals

After spending nearly 30 years as a scholar and an upcoming PHD graduation, guest Renee Grenon dreams of becoming an Uber driver and how much she loved her epidural. Renee and Caroline argue about Chris Brown and share their mutual love for tiktok. Renee’s Blog: 

Episode 6 – True Love and LGBT+ Weddings with Vancouver Event Planner Cristie Rosling

Shruti and Caroline have Event Planner Cristie Rosling on to talk about weddings, true love and LGBT+ weddings in Vancouver. Cristie’s Website: Union LGBT+ Wedding Show:

Episode 5 – Online Dating in Vancouver

Find out how Caroline and Shruti  have fun in the crazy world of online dating plus hear some dating experiences and stories. Spoiler alert! Caroline takes care of Shruti’s online dating for her.

Episode 4.5 – Diwali Minisode

Shruti shares her excitement for Diwali and the history behind the holiday. 

Episode 4 – Halloween

Caroline & Shruti chat about their Halloween experiences . A spooky story, some fun throwbacks and recommendations of Halloween themed events around town. It’s no tricks and all treat! (Ok, maybe one trick!) BOO!

Episode Three

Episode Three – Oct 7 Media Literacy with director/producer Lindsay Jackson Lindsay Jackson is a writer/producer who has been working in factual and reality TV for the last 7 years. In this episode she shares her passion for media literacy and what goes on behind the scenes of a reality TV show.

Episode Two

Episode 2 – Sept 22 2019 Vancouver foodie and former food critic Lorna Yee shares her favourite local restaurants and details about her recent, drool-worthy trip to San Francisco.